About Getamashi

Getamashi is your one-stop-shop of geta for men and women. As for the name, “Tamashi” is the Japanese word which means “Soul” and it is evident in the designs of the shoes that our designers have put their hearts and soul during the creation process. One look at our logo and you will get the feeling that the product behind it must be special and it is special because every pair of geta design is beautiful and unique.

The shop exists intending to offer an array of beautiful geta shoes for the best fashion experience. We don't sell mere clogs but very invaluable creations that depict art, beauty, and soul.  Our shoes are intended to bring out the personality within you and express your traditional fashion sense in the best way. These are shoes that can be paired with various casual looks for both men and women.

Craft from Soul

Japanese Traditional

Our Goal

We are always working to introduce different designs and colors of geta for you to discover, experiment with various looks and enjoy your love for clogs. Nature and art fuse together to create this beautiful pairs thanks to our very creative artisans.

Our customer service is always here to help you and even offer suggestions. Check out our array of beautiful Geta and choose the pairs that call out to your fashion sense.  Many of them will call out to you. Heed the call and get the most amazing geta footwear experience.

Please do not hesitate to select your favorite items on our website. Extra Discount is available for bulk purchase. Any question is welcome. Please contact us through