Getamashi was founded with the goal of bringing affordable, chic and durable Japanese Sandals Geta into the Western World. Our brand Getamashi is inspired from two Japanese words, Geta and Tamashi (Soul) and it is also our commitment to make Japanese sandals Geta from our soul.  

Women Traditional Japanese Sandals

Women Geta Clogs

Women Geta Sandals

Geisha Shoes

  • Men Geta Shoes

    Every piece is made of durable and lightweight Paulownia wood. Perfect to pair with traditional kimono or casual wear. 

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  • Women Geta Shoes

    Our Designers have from time to time reimagined these old-fashioned shoes into more Western shapes for casual outdoor wear.

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  • Tabi Socks [Buy 4 Get 1 Free]

    Made of high-quality cotton. No matter for a gift or yourself, they are sure to add a touch of cozy cute to an outfit!

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